About Us
Meyer's Shoe Store, Inc., traces its roots back to 1939, when the old McCarthy Shoe Store in downtown Franklin, Louisiana, was purchased and renamed by Meyer Friedman, a local merchant. The business has operated in the same location at 617 Main Street since that time offering local citizens a complete line of footwear and accessories for men, women, and children. Inventory categories include casual, comfort, athletic, work, and dress footwear.

We conduct business from our physical location at 617 Main Street in Franklin. We do not sell our products through this web site because it is our professional opinion that shoes must be tried on to insure a proper fit. Since there is no universally accepted standard of measure for the sizing of footwear, shoe sizes frequently vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from style to style. Ordering shoes online will likely result in returns and replacements which can be frustrating and time consuming for you, our valued customer. Also, comfort cannot be experienced through the Internet-comfort can only be experienced in person.

Please use this web site to learn about our constantly updated products, sales, and promotions. Then come into our store to see, feel, and be fitted in our merchandise. Let us provide you with the service that you deserve.

Special Services:
GIFT CERTIFICATES-----Available in any denomination from $20.00 on up.

LAY-AWAYS------20% deposit, 30 day lay-away period. Non-refundable.

SPECIAL ORDERS----When available. May require 50% deposit.